Involuntary Astral Projections

Posted over 3 years ago , by Astral Investigator

July 24 2013
I was only 13 years old
1st Experience of OBE

i read about astral projection and I read the procedure how to do it but in Some way in my first try i did it without noticing that im being paralysis....i just ignore the all i felt and try to sleep again......i fall asleep but when i wake up involuntary astral projections happens its like my body was being hit of electricity my ears and my eyes...its like theres a e earthquake inside m brain i was scared and i fear my body will get seperated and then i reliazed that astral i did astral projections ........ in just in quick time my visions is becaming blurd and my imaginations are broud ... i said to my self that i dont to do the astral projection because im not ready yet.... so i tried to cancel the trance and the vibrations in my body.................. i tried to open my eyes and then i wake up i was so nervous back then and i research more about astral projection and i found this site .................I hope that my experience help you and i hope that you can help and guide me in the right way of using astral projections ....

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Praveen Kumar S, Wake-walking in dream state

Welcome to the forum Astral Investigator :)
Just check out the sticky posts and devastation posts, let me know, if you need any help :)


Posted over 3 years ago

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