Difference Between Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming

Posted over 4 years ago , by Antony

Is there any difference between astral projection and lucid dreaming? Many people, even astral travelers, say that there is no difference between the two; while others are of the opinion that they are two different experiences.

In truth, lucid dreaming and astral projection are only two ways of gaining access to the realms of the astral. Lucid dreamers simply miss the conscious out-of-the-body (OOBE) experience. In both cases, you are totally aware. In case of lucid dreams, your control over your dreams depends on your expertise in lucid dreaming. In case of astral projection, one is totally aware and can fully control what one does.

In case of astral projection, you might enter the astral realms bearing restrictive thoughts and beliefs that have no value in the astral realms and do not function there. You will need some time to learn the ways of the new world you have stepped into. In case of lucid dreaming, you are not restricted by any boundaries and you know it. The sheer freedom and expansiveness of a lucid dream might make you lose focus and thereby lose lucidity. Just as you have to practice to get used to the astral world, you have to practice to maintain the lucidity of a lucid dream.

In lucid dreaming, you are at your creative best, which is why you can create any experience and any scenario with ease. In case of an astral projection, your focus is more on exploring unknown realms than on creating scenarios for wish fulfillment.

As regards the clarity and vividness of the experience, your lucid dream can be just as vivid, clear, and life-like as your astral travels. However, the clarity of your experience depends on how developed your skills are at both astral projection and lucid dreaming.

When you are having a lucid dream, try this experiment. In your lucid dream, go back to bed and imagine that you are slipping out of the body. Once you have floated out of your body, observe your surroundings. Are you really in the astral realm? Or are you dreaming that you are in the astral realm? Since you have tried this experiment, only you can answer the above questions.

Lucid dreaming has innumerable benefits; one of its greatest benefits is that it makes astral projection easier in your waking moments. By having an OOBE in your lucid dream, you can get a taste of shifting your consciousness out of your body. So, if you are finding it difficult to project, try doing so while lucid dreaming, and you will find it easier when you try it in your waking moments.

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KellsBells, I'm Here for Inner Awakening

This is very helpful!  I'm sure now that I was doing both.  The feeling was the same, but in my lucid dreams I did have near complete control.  I'd swing on a swing there and get vibrations again and the swing would just sort of throw me out of myself and I'd be someplace that I really couldn't even explain.  I still had control, but would not be able to initiate certain things that I could within the lucid dream.  Then there were other times when I wouldn't try to go into this particular state at all, but I'd get the vibrations and have the feeling of literally floating above myself by about five feet on my bed...in these I'd have no control whatsoever.  At the time I assumed it was just a particularly scary lucid dream and it felt wrong because there I would always have a great deal of control.  Man, am I learning a lot around here.  Thanks for the clarifications.  I've had a hard time differentiating my experiences as the feeling I had of being awake was always so similar.  This is really helpful.

Posted over 4 years ago

Echo, I'm Here for Inner Awakening

This just answered some of my questions. Great post!

Posted over 4 years ago

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