What is Astral Projection ?

Posted over 5 years ago , by Praveen Kumar S

The separation of the the Soul or the Astral body from physical body and traveling to the Astral Plane or Astral Realm is called as Astral Projection.

The Astral Projection is one which is accounted worldwide in all religions as After Life in which the Astral body travels out of the physical body to attain higher realms , Everyone leave their physical body and travels through their Astral body every night when asleep, but most of the people don't remember this.

When the physical mind is asleep, the subconscious takes over the control, this is the point where you Astral project , In general the Astral projection is done by everyone, but only some people can remember it, most of the people don't remember it.

The Astral Projection is an Ancient Art which everyone should learn to attain inner awakening.

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yogeswary, I'm Here for Inner Awakening

My friend gave me an astral projection CD, I tried after I watched it.

I don't know it's an astral projection or what. I felt a kind of vibrations, then I shouted and woke up. I saw myself sleeping in bed, then i tried to touch my body. I laid on my back and tried to take my phone, but it was hard and I take it at last but i can feel I hold the phone but I cant see the phone in my hand.

Please help me, is this an astral projection or my imagination? Then the next day early morning I tried again and I feel the vibration again, then I control myself not to come out. Please help me. Am I having dream or is this really Astral projection.

How can I break my fear?

Posted about 5 years ago (updated over 1 year ago)

Darklon, I'm here for astral projection

I think it's astral projection, one way to get past fear is to accept it and all possible consequences, if you have done that then there is nothing to fear out of curiosity; what is the name of the CD?

Posted about 5 years ago (updated over 1 year ago)

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