Astral Projection - Movement Free Exit Techniques

Posted over 4 years ago , by Praveen Kumar S

Hi all, due to the request from some of the members of the forum, I'm giving you all 5 most powerful Exit Methods. These exit techniques are used when you enter the sleep paralysis state and couldn't make an OBE easily.

Use some of the visualization techniques to trick your body to fall asleep, This stage will put your body asleep and mind awake state, i.e., Sleep paralysis state so that people enter theta brain wave. Use some of the Exit techniques below to convert sleep paralysis to OBE.

In this section we will cover up the final stage of OBE induction which is the exit stage.

The 3 problems where people ruin their trance.

we need to solve these 3 basic problems in order to try exit techniques:

  1. There is no way where you can differentiate your astral body from physical body, coz it is overlaid.
  2. Separating the Astral body from physical body is difficult, we can separate only through calmness, not by force.
  3. If you move when you are not yet ready, then you will end up the trance.

When you try something forcefully, then you will get into descend trance and ruin your OBE by moving physical body instead of Astral body. So we need to use some movement free exit techniques.

5 movement free exit technique:

1. Open mouth exit - sometimes called as exit initiator:

This method was discovered by a forum poster named tsunaH (in some other forum). In sleep paralysis 99% of the time even if everything below your neck is paralyzed you can still move your eyes and mouth.

I have heard people saying that they separate all their body except their head, this works perfect for those type of people.

This is a simple method, To do this method simply open your mouth and take a few slow deep breaths. Be sure not to breathe too hard or you'll break the paralysis. By doing this you'll feel yourself start to separate starting at your head.

This method is not a complete one, Its just an exit initiator than full complete exit. This method will get you into half way out and then you need to switch to some other technique where you can exit completely. Sometimes using this technique you will be able to separate completely and get up into your nonphysical bedroom without using any other tricks!

The reason this method works is you've split your focus between physical awareness and nonphysical awareness. In sleep paralysis your body below the neck is still physically focused but your eyes and face have entered nonphysical focus. By creating movement in your eyes and face you draw the rest of your focus in to nonphysical awareness.

2. Gravity Press Exit:
Just try to focus on the feeling of gravity pulling your body down, this will cause you sink through solid objects. You can test if you are Astral body is out or not easily without moving physically.

Make sure not to pull yourself down too far, coz you may end up your OBE into more dark and into lower energy level.

3. The "Safety Cap" Exit: Gravity-press With A Twist

The problem with the Gravity press method is even if you sink into the bed a few inches you may not be completely sure that you've really separated. To fix this, create the feeling of a force that rotates you around on your belly button so that your head swings around 180 degrees and ends up where your feet are. At this point there is no doubt you're in an OBE and you can get up without fear of accidentally moving your physical muscles and botching the trance. In other words, you just press down and twist and you have an OBE.

The safety cap exit is also a type of reality check you can first test to see if you're actually nonphysical. If either the press or the twist stages don't work, then you know to relax a little deeper and your trance is still in tact. Your success rate will be many times higher when you use safety cap than if you simply try rolling over.

4. Magnetic Spheres:

By practicing to focus your awareness while awake, you can better direct your nonphysical body when in an OBE. Imagine a magnetic sphere hovering above your hands. Move the sphere around and feel it pull on your nonphysical body in different directions. You'll start to get a feeling of a fuzzy ball of awareness around your hands. Double the strength of the sphere to get a stronger feeling. After a few moments double it again. Then double it once more after a bit. Keep doubling it every minute or so until you have a very strong feeling of attraction around your hands.

Remember with gravity press, one of the disadvantages was that if you press down too far it can make the resulting O.B.E darker and lower energy. One way around that is to use focused awareness to imagine gravity is pulling you up. This is slightly more difficult to do but it actually helps make the OBE brighter. To do this, first put your awareness on the feeling of gravity like normal. Then rotate that feeling around so it's pulling you up and you've created inverse gravity.

Another variation is to simply use an imaginary magnetic sphere to overpower gravity and pull you up.

5. Salvage Partial Exits - Limb Creation:

A lot of times you'll make it half-way out of your body but some parts will still be stuck. For instance, you might find that you can free your arms but your legs are still stuck in place and that even if you use your astral hands to pull your legs out they just won't budge. This brings us to the exit technique called "Limb Creation".

Once you have about half of your body out, instead of trying to get the rest of your limbs out, just imagine a completely new set of legs or arms or whatever is stuck. This is actually much easier than it sounds. You just imagine what it would feel like if your legs were already beneath you and you were already standing on them.

You'll quickly lose awareness of the limbs in your physical body and refocus into the copies of your legs that you've created. This process actually only takes a couple seconds and is a billion times easier than trying to yank your limbs out of your physical body.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask your doubts.

You can get answers only if you question blush

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mimihigurashi, I'm Here for Inner Awakening

Thanks a lot for the techniques, I'll try them. I'm pretty much stuck there, I get in a trance where I feel a strange numbness sensation and like I have 2 bodies, one heavy and relaxed and one light and numb, but can't get further than that :/

Posted over 4 years ago

Well , i perfer to do it by flipping around or floating upside your body , it works alooot , also did you hear about the jump one!! Its imagining to fall down the bed to make your soul exists :P

Posted over 4 years ago

Praveen Kumar S, Wake-walking in dream state

Nope :)
I haven't heard of this technique, Fall down the bed mean ?
Can you please explain a bit in detail :)

Posted over 4 years ago

I liked the technique that opens your mouth and breath slowly , but hey i got an idea! When half of your body is out why not using rope technique? It will work great!  ;D

Posted over 4 years ago

Praveen Kumar S, Wake-walking in dream state

Yup Rope technique is nice, But When I tried it, The rope was bundled up in the ceiling :P
So I don't try that :)

Posted over 4 years ago

Amberluvsu, I'm Here for Inner Awakening

Whenever I went into my vibrational state and my body was asleep I realized it, everything was going great but then I felt like I couldn't breathe like a too heavy feeling. How do I get rid of that?

Posted about 4 years ago

Praveen Kumar S, Wake-walking in dream state
1 like by

Welcome to the forum Amberluvsu,

When you feel you can't breath, just take a few deep breath through your mouth, so you don't feel heavy.
Do not take breaths through your nose, It may wake you up from the vibes.


Posted about 4 years ago

Whenever I went into my vibrational state and my body was asleep I realized it, everything was going great but then I felt like I couldn't breathe like a too heavy feeling. How do I get rid of that?

Praveen is quite right.

To add to that... I've found that the sensation of "not breathing" actually is just a misinterpretation of what's actually going on.  At that point, your autonomous breathing should have kicked in, so in reality, you were actually breathing just fine.  What you were misinterpreting, probably, was the heavy sensation of being consciously aware of your physical body falling asleep.  It's the sensation of all your muscles getting super relaxed and gravity taking firm hold of you, pulling everything down towards your bed (or where ever you happen to be). 

It's quite normal... you *ARE* breathing, and breathing just fine.  Trust your body to do what it needs to do to keep you alive.  It has done this exact thing every night of your life when you've fallen asleep.  Your body knows what to do, just trust it.  :)

Posted about 4 years ago

itsamazing, I'm Here for Inner Awakening

Hello! I'm new to AP.  I want to know about "Visualization Technique"


Posted about 4 years ago

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