Anyone know what this is & how to deal with it?

Seriously go place your feet on earth naked. Let go of all the negative energy and simply meditate until you feel like you can sleep easily. Try this and you WILL be able to fall asleep.

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What is this experience?

Absolutely interesting, thanks for sharing! Yesterday btw, I had the second exactly SAME dejavu yesterday at the same exact point in my toilet at home. VERY different experience again. Seems like my perception is changing at a point.

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Transported to a Room of Fog wheras I thought I died.

Thank you Kerstin. I definitely think I was pulled through as it literally felt like I was pulled by my hair and I could feel my body move backwards and a room of fog.

I pray each night before sleep for protection by God and Archangel Michael in white light. That particular night I don't think I did as I had been traveling for several days and was in a hotel and out of my daily routine. I realized I was not dead when God and my husband were not there to welcome me. It then turned into a lucid dream. Definitely a different experience than your typical vibrational OBE.

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Have you had an Out-of-Body Experience? - Research participation request

Andrew Hodrien I'm Here for Inner Awakening

Hi everyone,

Please see below for research I am conducting on Out-of-Body Experiences until 9th November which I hope you will consider participating in.



Have you had an "Out-of-Body Experience"?

Request for research participation

Researchers at Nottingham Trent University are conducting research on the content of Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs) using an online survey until 9th November 2014 (23:50 GMT). If you have had one or more OBEs follow the link below to the project webpage where the survey can be accessed, thanks.

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Report of Traveler in the Astral World

MusicSoulFae I'm Here to share my Inner Awakening

Taken from:

The following is a review of an excellent book, Recits d'un voyageur de l'Astral, by Anne and Daniel Meurois-Givaudan.

Anne and Daniel Meurois-Givaudan are two remarkable people. They write in French and have published quite a few books based on experiences that have come to them through the astral dimension and their spiritual guides. Some of their books have been translated into several languages and have become very popular.

Unfortunately only one book has been translated into English, The Way of the Essenes, Christ's Hidden Life Remembered (Destiny Books, isbn 0-89281-322-9). What makes the their books so unique is that they both have the ability to mentally leave their physical bodies and exp

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Are You an Earth Empath?

MusicSoulFae I'm Here to share my Inner Awakening

What we can do about it
Keep in mind that some of these suggestions are going to seem a bit batty to some, but for some of us, they just make perfect sense.

  1. Change your diet; Being healthy is the best gift we can give ourselves. Putting junk in our bodies, especially for earth sensitives can unbalance us and turn a gift into a curse.  We want to enhance the positive and decrease the negative, that should be our motto in all aspects of our lives. Some people find that a vegetarian diet is the first step to enhancing our supernatural abilities.

  2. Sit by a tree: Be honest, it feels good to surround yourself with nature.  We have put ourselves in boxes and tend to be surrounded by machines most of the day. The trees must feel awfully lonely these days. We should pay them a visit. Or perhaps you should take some time out to...(continued)

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Tap Into Your Intuition

jcolanzi I'm Here for Inner Awakening

Here's a really simple technique to access your intuition. I've only been using a few days and it gets stronger every time I use it.

The Method:
(1). Formulate the question.
(2). Hold that thought for as long as possible.
(3). Assume that the event has occurred.
(4). Drop into a "blank mind" state and wait.


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Suicide and NDE

little star orion I'm Here for Inner Awakening

I had a lot of problems/emotional pains when I was younger. And one day I had to decide whether to live or to die. The pain was worse and the only way out was death, I thought. But the other way out was right through all the emotional pain. And that was the only "right" way.

And at that moment I realized I wanted to live, but until that moment, because of all the fears that kept me from really living, really being me, I realize I had been dead all the time. I had to start being alive, just like being asleep and realizing you can wake up.
And I am really glad that I am still here. I still chose to life and try to heal.

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question and opinion's regarding new unusual experience

Praveen Kumar S Wake-walking in dream state


Is your body part moving when you are awake or after asleep??

If its moving when you are asleep, then its not your physical hand, Its your Astral body which is liking to experience to astral projection.
Just Let Go.. ;D

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What is Near Death Experience ?

celeste I'm Here for Inner Awakening

What I have been told and what I have experienced is at one point in my life I may have died. That happened about 33 years ago and what seems to have happened is an echo. I'm not making any conclusions based on 33 years of experience because there are many things to be considered.

I was in a car wreck and the car rolled over me and I was 6 months in a coma. I would be a perfect candidate for an NDE and I would say that my NDE did occur maybe 3 years later in college. It was a very shocking experience. I reviewed the accident from my own perspective and felt the weight of the car as it rolled over me. That was the echo.

I believe that is what happens.

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