I don't know what happened to me

Do some reality checks when that happens again so you can find out whether you are dreaming or everything is real.all the best.

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my hombrewing experience

Can you describe briefly I didn't understand.I would like to know what you've discovered or your ideas. And do you know Osho?

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A white bright light

Praveen Kumar S Wake-walking in dream state
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@Thomas, Jeff has posted what I wanted to post.

I agree with Jeff, There is nothing to fear when you meditate. I had a similar "Congratulation, you did it" experience, but it was with Astral Projection. Where I was in sleep paralysis and I heard that on top of my head. It wasn't very scary as the voice was very pleasing and also I was waiting for sleep paralysis. I just calmed myself and rolled out of bed.

My suggestion is to calm yourself next time when you hear such scary voices, it will fade away usually if you ignore those. But do not stop meditating.

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Body/emotion taking me out of meditative state?

I'm really sorry for the late response, I've been studying like crazy for my finals these past few days.

Hm, I don't think it's you, well, probably not, at least. But it could be that you were able to leave the body.

Let's say for an example, you were floating few inches above your body, usually if you're scared before you project, once you get out of your body, you'll be 10 times more scared.Even sometimes when people are not afraid to project, once they get out they'll suddenly get frightened, that is because your body really doesn't want you to go anywhere.

So in your case if you got out, it could be your mind messing up with you, otherwise I believe that it might be some entity targeting you, since you said dogs would bark frantically around you. Animals can sense paranormal activity very well, especially...(continued)

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Free Graphic Novel about Astral Projection

Now we're talking! I'm not really into comics but checking out never hurt anyone. So I went to see it, and the moment I read "quantum intelligence" in the author's note, I guess? He had me.

I started reading the novel and I must say, it's very interesting. I hope everyone will also read so we can discuss about it.

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Sorry for the late answer,I've been busy this past couple of days.

You're interested I see,very good! It's always a nice thing to see people interested in such.

Well, your experience it's quite intriguing, I must say. I think I've experienced something similar. I have a theory of what it might've been, in your case, that is.

When we're in deep state of relaxation, it's normal to see many images in the darkness of our eyes. But since you had an auditory hallucination, it could be you were entering a lucid dream.

It's so vivid that even the sounds look like they're actually from outside, but you were shocked and got out of the trance, I'm guessing if you'd have stayed then maybe you would see something.

It could be sleep paralysis though. If you were completely still, then it might be it, since it's not always that sleep paralysis hallucinations...(continued)

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Can you help me understand my visions and experiences?

your experience seems to be great one , keep moving. you keep an focus on third eye while such experiences and keep posting . we may benefit.

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Meditation Pacakge

Jessy Astral travelling

Since my last email to you, I lost my job. I have not missed a day of work in 36 years. I was a corporate executive earning 125K per year and I am now unemployed! What a shock. I woke up this morning at 3:00am literally terrified. Today I merged two of your meditation tracks and I can not begin to tell you how they have helped me. I have the alpha music and bells followed by the theta music and bells. I got into a very comfortable chair, loosened my clothing and closed my eyes. I had on stereo headphones. Now please understand that I have MILLIONS of negative and terrifying doom and gloom thoughts in my head. These are not easy to just dismiss. However as the alpha started, I pictured myself walking alongside a swiftly moving stream of water. As the water rushed past me, it somehow was able to start to wash my fears and my anger...(continued)

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Vipassana & Zazen Meditation aid in lucid dreaming & projection

Two interesting studies here showing benefits to Vipassana and Zazen meditation, particularly with lucid dreaming and projection in mind. In essence, Vipassana and Zazen meditation are two very similar practices, so the benefits of both are likely to apply to either.


Vipassana meditation enhances REM sleep as well as sleep quality as we age. This REM enhancement in essence increases the nightly window with in which one can become lucid, while also increasing dream recall.

A little while ago, I performed a little breath awareness meditation lying in bed before sleep...this induced what seemed to be a focus 10 state (Monroe Institute reference, described below), and my dream recall that night was the best it has been in a long time, amazing dreams! This has prompted me to make pre sleep...(continued)

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Awakening the Third Eye (Meditation)

Wondering if anyone here is familiar with the meditation techniques of the Clairvision school? This has recently come to my attention...the founder, Samuel Sagan seems like an interesting guy, a medical doctor, but someone who grew a bit disillusioned with western conventional medicine and wanted to explore consciousness deeper. He has studied with Taoists and practitioners of Kriya and Kundalini yoga, and also had a five year stint of full time meditation to see how far that rabbit hole goes.

I only ask as some people who have experienced this form of meditation claim it allows one to perceive things in a way that sounds very reminiscent of the OBE state.

This is kind of the mission statement of the Clairvision school:

"The approach of the school is resolutely experiential. It is designed for people who cannot be...(continued)

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