i can speak to a spirit but not seeing her faces left side

I want to know your process for projecting please! I'm wanna do what you do

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The plan was to Lucid Dream, but instead I almost Astral Projected! I THINK (my process)

  1. Go on YouTube and find lucid dreaming music

  2. Get comfy in bed

  3. Relax my body from feet to head

(And then that's when something wild happened)

This buzzing had started in my face but it had a particular sound it wasn't just any kinda buzzing! It's as if it was vibrating on my face and I could mentally move it around and when I had it in the center of my forehead I felt something radiating in that spot!

Please someone tell me what was going on! I don't mind astral projection I'm not scared BUT I just wanted to lucid dream!

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Astral projection - Where to start or How to start ?

Praveen Kumar S Wake-walking in dream state

Below are the great posts to learn the in and outs of Astral Projection and to astral project tonight!

  1. What is Astral Projection?

  2. How to Astral travel?

  3. Beginners guide: The steps to success in your first projections

  4. Astral projection technique

  5. Movement free exit techniques

  6. **[Astral Projection and Dangerous Entities](http://www.forumforastral.com/techn

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Real or Just Imagination?

Praveen Kumar S Wake-walking in dream state

Hi Nevo, You have to keep an affirmation that you are going to meet and when you are on the astral plane, basically you have to call for them to summon in front of you. Depending on their wish, they will summon in front of you or else they won't, if they feel they don't want to meet you.

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Astral Projection - Exit Method

A very old post, I just thought to appreciate it now because it started popup up in my homepage feed. Nicely written. Thanks Praveen for sharing us with these great techniques.

I would like to know how many of them tried it and still using it. Any reply will be appreciated.

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astral projection the half projection technique

Hmmm, Interesting.

Please share us more info on your experiences with this Nevo, Would like to read more.

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I can't visualize or feel vibrations

Praveen Kumar S Wake-walking in dream state

Hello Tan, You can check movement free exit techniques, if you have difficulty separating from your body.

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Experiment: Trying to see the room with blind folded eye

Praveen Kumar S Wake-walking in dream state

I meant that you need to believe in what you are doing. Also, there is no need of working on traditional methods. Whatever works best for you may not work for me.

When I am in vibration, I will say to myself that I will start seeing my room. slowly I will start seeing my room.

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In doubt

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You're welcome. I'd say hallucinations and projections are not mutually exlusive, any state (from my experience) that weakens the physical body and thus weakens its hold on the astral, increases the likelihood of a projection. Its a notion first proposed I think in a book by Muldoon and Carrington and something I have obsereved first hand, I've had hangovers, missed sleep etc and knew these factors were partly to blame for particularly conscious projections. I have also projected during hallucinatory flus and high fevers and again these were partly to blame. Muldoon and Carrington again, propose the astral body is 'loosened' even by such things as falling down suddenly or spinning around and is an idea I lean towards. So, if you think of your astral body in these terms and that its being held here and many things can loosen your physicals...(continued)

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Eye prob

Thank you for your answer Nevo! I'd like to say that the term nirvana in my language from people of my age is used to express a very comfortable feeling in which you are relaxed and focus without the surrounding environment interfere so sorry for this wrong use of the word! But I will search to learn what the term really means! Thank you for that as well! I do try to learn how to proper meditate! I have felt the vibrational state as well as a chillin on my legs and one time a rise on the temperature of my chest! Sometimes I felt an other presence as well! Tho I'm in the same room with my brother I knew he was asleep! But once again! Thank you for your answer! I'll do my best to improve myself

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