Vibrational state to lucid dream

So i can easily induce vibrational state, and lately when it happens, it feels like I can easily lift out of my body, but it is into a Lucid dream. Any tips on how to have an AP instead of Lucid dream?

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Is some kind of entity blocking me from having an astral projection?

Today I was practicing my AP techniques and entered a hypnogogic state. I began seeing the different dream- like images the state is normally accompanied by. I had images of different scenarios of people saying that I was not able to astral project (i have been practicing regularly for 4 months now). When I asked, is it because there is something inside of me blocking it, I heard several people say yes. I also had an auditory hallucination of my partner's voice say "definitely". My partner is someone that I trust completely and speaks the truthto me. Thus, I feel like I must take this seriously. Has anyone else experienced something like this? Does anyone have any thoughts on why this might be happening? x kitty

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Help me I really need to learn to astral project

Praveen Kumar S Wake-walking in dream state

Hi Chad, Please ask your questions, we are here to help.

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Ap or just a dream?

Hi Yupifelix, This is false awakening combined with sleep paralysis. I used to have such things, I used to wake up thinking I woke up really, but again I used to get into sleep paralysis. I feel that when the energy is low to astral project, we will get stuck in this loop until we wake up.

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Need some idea of what to do next

thank you for the advice!!

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When should I try to leave my physical body? (Vibration phase)

Praveen Kumar S Wake-walking in dream state

Yes, you can exit while you are in vibration.

you can use one of these movement free exit methods

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Astral travel? You tell me

Praveen Kumar S Wake-walking in dream state

Hi Kyle, It is absolutely an astral projection, but involuntary. I have had similar experiences before. I used to suddenly wake up in some of my friend's home and was listening to them. Mostly it's like a gravity. when you are in a stage to astral project and someone is talking about you, you will be pulled there automatically.

It feels very weird at that early age, but I would say that is the right age to experience astral projection as you would usually think anything is possible. Soon after we grow up, we usually have a sceptical approach to everything and we don't believe in most of these things, which makes harder to astral project, astral projection won't happen easily without believing that you can do it.

If you could believe and try it out, you can start experiencing the same every day.

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False awakening followed by a demon. Am I messing with things I shouldn't be.

Praveen Kumar S Wake-walking in dream state

Hi, I would say this is normal and I have experienced it a lot. I understand better how much scary it will be. Even I was very scared at these instances.

How did I overcome?

Even though I was scared with the sleep paralysis, I always loved to astral project, which made me get rid of the fear most of the times. I would say to myself that this is a just an illusion, no one can harm me. If I can get out of the body, I can get rid of these fears.

It is very strange that gradually my fear or the demon like creatures around me would vanish immediately. But, sometimes they won't disappear. In those times, I would tell them to leave this place or else I am going to banish them. Yes, it works.

What you should do?

When you experience a similar thing, just stay calm and tell them to...(continued)

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Fear of bad entities is blocking me from doing OBEs

Thanks Jickson, will try and keep you posted!

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Beginning stages to astral projection?

Please could you get rid of my fear too I'm trying to astral project but had bad shadow people as a child. I tried astral projecting tge ither day and found myself being stuck in a real negative sleep paralysis stage. I'm Sooo scared ro sleep now because I fear it will come back.or is it all in my mind and just something I need ro overcome . I said i love God to try and get rid of it but every time I said it it held me tighter and tighter. I only woke up when I tried to picture myself somewhere else but had marks on me where I must've been squeezing my hand but while in paralysis this was the dark entity squeezing.

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