Can anyone astral project instantly to one hour? Comment below

Yep, Shoot us with your questions!

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Praveen Kumar S Wake-walking in dream state

Thank you Antony for taking time informing me about the too many posts. I was too busy these days.

Abhishek, I guess you need more patience when you want to experience all these phenomena. You can get answers easily by using the search button on top.

Try meditating, gain patience. Try again. You can surely experience things.

Let us know if you have any more queries.

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Introduction, New to the ForumforAstral

Praveen Kumar S Wake-walking in dream state

Hello Shambala, Welcome to the forum. Hoping to learn from you too. Please share us your techniques and your experiences, which will help others blush

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I don't choose to project

I feel arrogant writing this but I do feel alone when it comes to astral projection, I astral project to some degree every night (as we all do, you know, but consciously), I have say, a dozen signifigant ones a year, all involuntary. I'm 30 now, its been a part of me since my late teens. Its just past 5am here and after a particularly jarring projection I'm awake like most nights waiting until I become so exhausted that I pass into a black unconsciousness for a few hours, don't get me wrong some of it has been amazing, day to day though, quite a hinderance to functioning.

My spirtuality is based on my experiences as opposed to seeking experience by being spirtual and of course a main reason for people to join a forum such as this is to learn the ability, as it should be, I just feel I'm at the other end of the spectrum, not wanting stop it...(continued)

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awakening signs

As you said yourself in the post name that's an awakening sign from your third eye.

There's not much that can be done. You can give it a massage with your fingers in circular motion,listening to calming and soft music while lying down is good,too.Sleep can also easy the pain.

I'm pretty sure it's from your third eye, but if the pain is abnormally strong and persistent, it would be wise to go to a doctor, after all that never hurt anyone.

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Trying to Astral project/have lucid dreams

Praveen Kumar S Wake-walking in dream state
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Hi Franklin, You might have to try few times to get things working, if it's not working first time. You can try combining multiple techniques like:

  1. Breathing technique before sleep
  2. Reverse counting technique
  3. Wake back to bed technique
  4. Visualization immediately after waking

Let us know if you need any help.

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Please help me

My deepest apologies, I had so much to do in these past few weeks that I didn't have time to reply.

I don't know how is your situation now but I hope you have projected.

Yes, depression may be the very reason you're not able to project. If you're still feeling depressed, then perhaps you should take a time to heal your heart before you try it again. The best time to project is when we feel light and happy.

At some point in life we all are going to lose a loved one, but we can't let that haunt us forever, we must carry on with life.

Take a time to make yourself happy again, that's probably what your girlfriend would have wanted for you.

Try to project when you feel lively and contented. Your chances of being successful will increase a great deal.

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I need an explanation

Hello Vicaversa, to answer better this question I'd like to know more about your experience, if it's possible. I'll try to help in the best way I can.

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I always knew that there was something different

I have similar abilities, all results of opening my third eye. You're in a state of heightened consciousness.

I don't know about your beliefs, but as you've experienced all kinds of "unbelievable" things, I reckon you're an open-minded person.

So I assume is safe to say you'll probably believe in the statements I'm about to make.

People may disagree with me, but unless I'm insane, I can affirm to you undoubtedly reincarnation is real. And I believe that's your case.

Since you were born with it, it's probably the "payoff", meaning you probably developted or already had them in your previous life.

All the abilities you stated make me believe that your third eye is wide open. As for how to improve them, I can only recommend meditation.

Though the concept of meditation needs to be demystified,I believe the ones that could...(continued)

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Third eye chi

Praveen Kumar S Wake-walking in dream state

Welcome to the forum Zacaria, I am having the same questions in my mind what YngJo has asked.

Awaiting your reply.

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