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I'm Here for Inner Awakening
Lucid Dreaming - 1 Reply

ebook about lucid dreaming by Robert Waggoner

little star orion I'm Here for Inner Awakening

Hi all,

I found this ebook about lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming, a gateway ot the inner self by Robert Waggoner
It is a realy good book. I recognize a lot of what Robert is saying in his book.,d.d2k

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Suicide and NDE

little star orion I'm Here for Inner Awakening

I had a lot of problems/emotional pains when I was younger. And one day I had to decide whether to live or to die. The pain was worse and the only way out was death, I thought. But the other way out was right through all the emotional pain. And that was the only "right" way.

And at that moment I realized I wanted to live, but until that moment, because of all the fears that kept me from really living, really being me, I realize I had been dead all the time. I had to start being alive, just like being asleep and realizing you can wake up.
And I am really glad that I am still here. I still chose to life and try to heal.

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Astral Projection - 6 Replies

The Shift of Ages and what might happen in 2012?

little star orion I'm Here for Inner Awakening

I has already been 21-12-2012 are we all still here???

Point is with ending of cycles, people think of an ending. And an end means destruction or does it? Why would an end means destruction. But then is there an end, there is no end, just a continuation of life, of spirit of lessons to be learnt.

Problem with the "doom thinking" is that if many people believe this something could actually happen, because of the power of the thought of something destructive could happen in the future. This thought can influence the reality and create a different future than when no one was thinking about a destruction.
The power of thought is in many cases underestimated. If you know how lucid dreaming world reflects your thoughts/wishes you could imagine how our reality responds to our thoughts also.

I do believe...(continued)

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