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I'm Here for Inner Awakening
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KellsBells I'm Here for Inner Awakening


Sorry for the late reply.  I've been off the board for awhile.  I'd love to hear your experience!  I had a hard time finding anything similar to this.  Seriously, it was so strange.  Nothing like that has ever happened to me before.

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KellsBells I'm Here for Inner Awakening

I used to do something very similar to this turn around technique.  I'd put my hands up in front of my face until everything else just sort of blurred out, and then I'd think where I wanted to be and slowly take my hands down and find myself in the place I'd thought of.  I only ever went to three or four place so it seemed to work well.  I never had the opportunity to play around with it to see if I could go anywhere else...but I'm looking forward to trying! 

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did i dream or astral project help please

KellsBells I'm Here for Inner Awakening

Congratulations to you!  I love reading these posts!  It definitely helps me categorize my experiences.

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