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Astral Projection - 3 Replies

Astral projecting?

What is the disappointing? Is there is something you need to ask?

Astral Projection - 1 Reply

Unexpected vibrational state

Some people keep having those vibrations.
Some people only have them on first time.
Some people never does!

Im actually one of those people who had them only twice, And i never have them now. First time i found it annoying, later it was very ok as much as i ignore it. And yes you are more than near to project.

Announcements - 2 Replies

Yo to all the people out there.

Welcome daunte!

You can here share your experiences and questions however you want and we will help you as soon as possible! , There is also a rule to not miss-guide anyone in this forum! So once you ask and we answer, the answers will be 100% correct as we research alot before we respond, So dont be sad when no one replies, because they got no answers. :)

And dont forget to read my devastating posts about how to open your third eye in one day without trying or training!

Safe travels! :)

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