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What is astral projection?

The separation of the the Soul or the Astral body from physical body and traveling to the Astral Plane or Astral Realm is called as Astral Projection.

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How to astral project tonight

Quite place, calmness and willingnes makes everything possible, If you have all these three, you are almost 50% there to astral project tonight.

  • Quite place: If you thing you are not able to find a quite place in your home, the easiest thing is to turn on the radio and keep it on empty station where you get only noise, if you don't have a radio you can even download some white noise here and listen to it using headphones.
  • Calmness: This is the tricky part, if you haven't had this experience before you may panic when you experience astral projection vibrations, but trust me, there is nothing to panic. Just stay calm, everything is normal.
  • Willingness: Many people are already blessed with the capability to astral project, but that is not a big deal if you have a strong determination to achive astral project tonight. No matter what, you don't have to project unless you want. If you want to astral project tonight, you need strong desire to achieve it.
  • Do not fear: Fear is something which will drag you away from the awesomeness. Leave behind all your fears, trust me! there is not to fear, I haven't been possesed by any demons or there is no risk of dying. There are many out there where the spread this roumors. Do not listen to it. I have been trying astral prjection from many years.
  • Positive vibes around yourself: This is from my personal experience, I stopped talking about astral projection to some of my friends as they don't have anything to do or sometimes they demotivate. Only I know what I have experienced is real. So to keep in mind, Stay around the people and things that brings positve vibes for you.
  • Concentration: This is the crucial stage to astral project. This maybe the hardest part for many. Concentration can be achived through meditation. Keep attention to your body and focus on your breath. (read more)
  • Vibration: When you concentrate correctly as metioned in the above point, you should end up in vibration state. Many people panic at this state and they end up destroying their effort. Stay calm. You just one step away from achieving astral projection.
  • Separation/Exit: Now it's time to detach your soul from the body. You need to stay calm and have more patience at this stage. Use the exit techniques to exit from your body. Voila, you are out. Just roam around your room, go out to visit some awesome places. Do what every you want. You have achieved astral projection now.
  • Getting back: Staying out for more time is the tough one, getting back is as easy as a thinking about returning. Just think about your room and you will be back to your body and awake.